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Drying equipment at work in customer's bedroom closet

Water Damage in an Oxford, MS Condo

When a fire sprinkler pipe burst in this Oxford, MS condo, the homeowner was in for a big mess!  Water spread through several rooms, causing damage. SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale quickly got to work to make it "Like it never even happened."  Flooring was removed and flood cuts in the drywall were necessary for our equipment to get the client's home dry as fast as possible.  Once drying was complete, a crew was sent in to clean so the rebuilding process could begin.  SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale is available 24/7/365.  We're always here to help.

SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale's team smiling and enjoying the tournament

SERVPRO of Mississippi's 14th Annual Golf Tournament

SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale's marketing team, Brielle Cruse, Ben McVay, Ed Carpenter and owner, Steve Jones, attended this year's tournament.  Brielle and Ben hosted the Longest Putt Competition where 3 players sank the ball for cash!  Steve and Ed enjoyed the day playing 18 holes along with many of our friends throughout Mississippi.  It was a beautiful day at Old Waverly Golf Club! 

SERVPRO of Whoville

SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale is a strong presence in our community.  Recently, we were participants in the Oxford Christmas Parade.  Our team rode through Oxford on a float of Whoville, and The Grinch was there too!  

Team building is fun at SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale

Our team has been working very hard due to traveling North Carolina and playing catch up here at home.  So, we took the afternoon off to relax and spend some time together doing something fun.  The office rented 3 lanes and our team was able to loosen up and have fun together.  

Here to Help

At SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale we are always here to help and ready to go the distance.  Our team left out at the end of September to assist in the Hurricane Florence relief efforts.  They were in Wilmington, North Carolina for about a month.  We were able to help many families begin the efforts to rebuild their homes and lives.  

SERVPRO can restore your antiques

SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale has experience with antiques.  This is an antique poker set that was in a home that was left with no air circulation for a summer, which caused significant microbial growth.  Our team combed through all the contents and restored the home.

Hurricane Florence

SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale was recently called out to help with the efforts to restore Wilmington, North Carolina.  Hurricane Florence had damaged many homes.  When a storm hits, SERVPRO works together to help with the relief efforts to restore the damaged areas.  We were humbled to be able to assist the local franchise and help many families that were affected.  

SERVPRO's 13th Annual Golf Tournament

SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale recently attended the 13th Annual Golf Tournament at Old Waverly in West Point, MS.  We enjoyed a beautiful day of golf with many of our wonderful clients and neighboring franchises.  Thank you to all who attended along with First Team and Sunbelt for sponsoring the event.  

Broken Sprinkler Pipe, What Next?

We were recently called out to a commercial property who had contractors onsite accidentally step through a ceiling and break a sprinkler line.  This caused the structure to have water damage on all levels.  Thankfully SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale was ready to help.  Our Production Manager was quick on the scene to access the damage and help get a crew to the location to begin work.  Because of our quick response time and diligence during the duration of the job the customer was able to continue with their day-to-day with minimal disruption. 

Mississippi SERVPRO Franchise Meeting

This past week our franchise owner's and management team were able to meet with other SERVPRO franchises in Mississippi.  This picture shows our owner, Steve Jones, discussing the accounting side of running a business.  It's always a fun time to be able to get together with fellow franchises and learn from each other.

Adding To Our Fleet

Getting a new vehicle is a fun reason to travel to SERVPRO Industries in Gallatin, TN.  We were able to pick up our new ProMaster City to add to our fleet at our Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale franchise.  Having vehicles such as this one ensure that we can be "Ready for whatever happens."

Crew headed to a water loss on a houseboat.

Here at SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale we really mean we're ready to help no matter the time or place.  This picture shows our crew headed to a water damage on a boat in Sardis, MS.  Not only were we able to respond quickly to the call, our expertise works just as well on water as it does on land.  If you experience a water loss don't hesitate to call us at 662-281-1881.

Fire Damage At Oxford Hotel

The last call any hotel owner or manager wants to receive is the one telling them they have a fire at their property.  Unfortunately these kind of phone calls do happen.  However, when they do it is our goal at SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale to be there every step of the way.  Not only do we work hard to get your business back up and running, we also pride ourselves in our ability to keep you informed throughout the whole process so there are no questions or surprises to add to the stress of such a large loss.  If you Oxford business suffers fire damage, call us today at 662-281-1881.

Sewage Backup At Oxford Business

Who do you call when the basement of your Oxford business has standing sewage water in the basement?  SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale, of course!  This is a picture of our crews on scene extracting water from the basement of this business.  Not only did the crew work until all the water was gone, they also made sure to spray a cleaning agent a the completion of the job to ensure any bacteria and germs were killed.  Our ability to be quickly respond and work efficiently meant that this business did not have to close it's doors for the day, but instead were able to carry on and trust us to fix their problem.  

Water Damage At Oxford Home

This is a picture of an Oxford home that experienced water damage due to a busted pipe.  Our team quickly responded to the call and began extracting water and setting drying equipment.  We also had management there to inform the homeowner of the drying process and to answer any questions they may have.  

Christmas Parade 2017

We had so much fun building our Gingerbread House for our float for the Oxford Christmas Parade this year!  This is Steve and Tara Jones walking beside our float during the parade.

Call SERVPRO When Your Oxford, MS Restuarant Has A Water Loss

This restaurant in Oxford, MS as well as the neighboring business took on water.  Our crews were to respond in time to keep both businesses open while mitigating the water.  SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale ability to quickly get to you and your business prevents further damage from happening.  This allows you to continue your daily routine as well as keeps costs down.  If your home or business takes on water call SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale at 662-281-1881.

Pipe Bursts In Oxford, MS Home

This is after a pipe bursts in an upstairs bathroom in Oxford, MS.  As you can see the water damage caused the ceiling to fall and the water to spread to the hardwood floors downstairs as well.  Within hours of the call SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale arrived and began the restoratoration process.  The owner was pleased with our quick response and how well we were able to dry the structure.

Serving the Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale Communities

Our SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale was called to help a state building that had microbial growth due to an AC unit that wasn't functioning properly in a board room.  We were able to meet their quick deadline as well as go above their expectations with an HVAC cleaning as well as their carpet. 

Taking Cleaning To New Heights

This is an academic building at a local school that has microbial growth on the ceiling.  We were happy to help the facilities manager come up with a remediation plan that worked for them.  As the picture shows are crew can make any working conditions work, even 20 ft ceilings.  

Personal Protective Equipment For Fire Cleanup

This is our crew at a fire job in Holcomb, MS.  This home had a fire that started in the laundry room and spread throughout the house.  Personal protective equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work. It can include items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses. It also includes respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Kitchen Fire In Oxford, MS

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Oxford, MS.  This was a grease fire that thankfully the fire department was able to put out before it spread further.  Our team will now work on restoring what can be brought back to preloss conditions.  If you experience a house fire call SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale at 662-281-1881.  We're ready for whatever happens.

Here To Help

This is a home in Houston, Texas that took on water from Hurricane Harve.  As you can see our crews are hard at work inside the home making sure that everything the flood waters touched is removed.  Flood waters are considered Category 3 because of the contamination so anything it touches needs to be removed.

Microbial Growth Under Your Sink

This is under a sink in an Oxford, MS home.  The homeowner had a leak that went undetected for some time that led to microbial growth.  Moisture in a closed off space is an ideal place for mold to start and thrive.  If you have had a water leak and microbial growth, call SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale at 662-281-1881.

New Equipment

This is a beautiful sight for SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale!! We ordered more air movers and dehumidifiers for our technicians to use!  This means that we will have more equipment to use when asssisting customers with water losses.

On STORM In Houston, TX

SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale responded quickly when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas at the end of August.  As soon as we received information that the roads open, we sent our Marketing Reprentative, Matt Daughdrill.  Once Matt was in Houston he began meeting with homeowners that called on SERVPRO to assist in restoring their homes affected by Harvey.  The next day our technicians were on their way to begin working and helping these homeowners begin to rebuild after their loss.  

When Your Batesville Business Takes On Water

This was what this one Batesville, MS business walked into one morning after a neighboring business had a water leak.   The office was pleased with how quickly SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale responded and set equipment so that they could return to business as usual.  

Team Building On Storm In Kansas

Twice in the month of August, our SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale crews were called to help out with flooding the Kansas and Missouri area.  Our crews were able to help out the local SERVPRO franchises when the customer demand was larger than they could handle by themselves.  Our crews worked long hours for weeks at time to make sure the customers they helped were able to receive great service and begin restoring their homes.  During these trips we like to treat the crew to a dinner out as a way to thank them and recharge them to finish strong during the storm event.  

SERVPRO Of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale Headed To Help Our Friends In Kansas

Our SERVPRO of OBC franchise sent out another crew to help with the continued flooding in the Kansas and Missouri area.  When you choose franchise you not only get the help of your local franchise, you get the resources of over 1,600 other franchises to back them up in times of disaster.  If a storm hits your area and leads to flooding in your home or business, call 662-281-1881.

Microbial Growth On Upholstery

This is a picture of a microbial growth on an upholstered chair.  This location had an HVAC that wasn't working at optimum speed and thus created extra moisture that resulted in this.  Our crew was able to use anti-microbial to wipe the entire chair as well as upholstery cleaner to ensure the chair would return to its original condition.  If you have concerns of microbial growth in your home or business don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO at 662-281-1881!

What You Can Do Until SERVPRO Arrives After A House Fire

  • Limit your movement in the home
  • Place clean linens on high traffic areas and upholstery
  • Do not wash any walls or painted surfaces
  • Do not shampoo carpet
  • Do not clean any electrical equipment
  • Do not send clothing to dry cleaner-- improper cleaning my set smoke smell

Mold In Your Oxford, MS Home

This Oxford, MS home had a leak that started behind their washing machine that went undetected.  Unfortunately, these types of issues can cause microbial growth to begin.  Our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale came out to inspect the home and found this affected area as well as others around the home.  Our team is not only quick to respond but we IICRC certified to remediate!! If you suspect mold in your home, call us today-662-281-1881!!!

Water Damage in Batesville, MS Church

This picture shows how quickly water can spread!  This church's neighbor took on water from a broken pipe that traveled through their shared wall.  Our SERVPRO team was quick to respond a extract the standing water so the drying process could begin.  If your home or business has a water loss call us at 662-281-1881, we're "Ready For Whatever Happens"

Difference Power Washing Can Make On Your Oxford Home

This picture shows the before and after of the back deck of an Oxford home that we power washed.  Storms, nature, and time can add wear and tear to the outside of your home, SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale is always here to help!! 

Celebrating One Year As Franchise Owners

Steve and Tara Jones celebrated their one year anniversary as SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale.  Our office surprised them with SERVPRO green duck cookies from a local bakery.  This was a fun way to celebrate and let everyone in the office enjoy!! Here's to many more years!!

Fire Damage In Batesville Home

This is the picture of a bedroom after a house fire in Batesville, MS.  The fire started in the adjoining bathroom.  The fire was contained to the bathroom, however, the effects of fire reached further in the home.  This bedframe has smoke and heat damage from the fire.  Thankfully the fire department was quick to respond and limit much of the fire damamge.  Our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale was quick to come in and begin the restoration process.  With our ability to wipe down areas affected by smoke as well and clean house contents the home owner will be able to move back into her house and have it look like the fire never even happened.  

Proper Personal Protective Equipment For Mold Remediation

This is a picture of one of our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale techinicians on a mold remediation job for a home owner.   As you can see not only is he wearing a protective suit, but he also has on a respirator, glasses, and gloves.  This ensures his protection while remediating mold in the kitchen and bathroom of this home.  Not only is our crew properly trained in cases of mold, they are also properly equipped.  Not only does this keep them safe, it also allows them to educate our customers on the proper ways to handle and protect themselves in cases of mold.  

Mold In Your Batesville Business

This the consequence of a roof leak that went unattended for years in a Panola County office.  The air quality test showed presence of different molds including stachybotrys.  Stachybotrys are known as "black mold" or "toxic black mold" in the U.S., and are frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water-damaged building materials.  This mold has also been associated with health issues as well.   Not only is our team ready to assist you in remediation of mold, but we are AMRT certified.  If you suspect mold call us today 662-281-1881.  

Renovations at Local Kennel

This picture is a great example of how all of our jobs are different. These are some of the puppies we were able to spend time with when we helped an Oxford, MS kennel with some upgrades.  Not only were we able to work with their great staff but we were also allowed to spend some time with their customers.  These puppies had a great time playing with our SERVPRO green ducks in the grass and getting special attention from our crew.  The staff was pleased with the work we accomplished to ready their building for renovations and we were happy to help.  

SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale on Storm in Missouri

When large amounts of rain fall hit your area, this is not what you want to see in your basement.  This was a reality for many residents in the in and around Springfield, MO at the end of April.  Storms swept the areas and many homes and basements took on water as a result.  SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale not only sent a crew to help but also equipment to speed up the drying process in these homes.  We were able to help over a dozen homes that were affected by the storms in the two weeks we were there. 

Carpet Cleaning in Oxford, MS Business

Our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale team is here to help no matter the job.  This picture shows some of our air movers ready to be placed in an Oxford, MS business. We were able to not only clean a large area of carpet for this business, but also set equipment so that drying time was shorter.  This means that we didn't stop this business' day-to-day operations to complete our work.  Not only was this business impressed with our work but they were also grateful for the efficiency and lack of interruption during the process.  Call us at 662-281-1881 to schedule your carpet cleaning today. 

SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale at Premier Bowling

All work and no play is not something you'll find at SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale.  Not only do we focus on making our customers feel like a part of our family but we try to take the time to allow our employees to bond outside of the office.  This picture was taken at Premier Bowling in Oxford, MS.  The office rented lanes for the employees to have a friendly bowling competition and hang out in celebration of all their hard work.  Not only was this a way for the employees to have fun, it also allowed them to hang out in a less formal setting and get to know each other better. 

SERVPRO Helps You Put Your Home Back Together After A Water Loss

Not only will SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale work to restore your items damaged during a water loss, we will store them in our warehouse until you are ready for them in your home.  This is a living room set we moved back into a customers home after they had a frozen pipe that led to water damaged througout their home.  Not only did we store their contents, we cleaned them before we returned them.  

Ready For Whatever Happens

SERVPRO Industries has a network of strategically positioned storm teams on standby should a disaster strike near you. Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals ready for whatever happens.

SERVPRO's ability to mobilize local command centers, along with the resources of more than 1,700 Franchises nationwide, no disaster is too big. Recently our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale response teams have gone to: 

*2016 Baton Rouge, LA

*2017 Brandon, MS

*2017 Springfield, MO

Water Damage In Oxford, MS Home

This picture shows you how how far water can travel in your house.  The cause of loss was a toilet in the hall bathroom and it traveled into the master bedroom affecting the rug.  SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale works quickly to mitigate water damage and get you back to enjoying your home. 

Storm Response in Brandon, MS

This photo shows the inside of a Brandon, MS home affected by flood waters after a storm hit.  Our team was called to help out a local franchise to ensure they had enough help.  Choosing your local SERVPRO means that when a crisis hits there are enough trained professionals and equipment to get the job done.  

Hot Water Heater Leak Leads to Mold

This is the results of a hot water heater leaking for an extended period of time.  This was found when the homeowners put their house on the market.  Luckily our team was able to quickly address the mold and not disturb the selling process.  

Bathroom Fire in Oxford,MS

This is the aftermath of a bathroom fire that originated from a light bulb.  The homeowner was quick to respond and our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale team worked hard to restore their home to pre-conditions. We were even able to bring items back to our warehouse to clean to prevent further smoke damage.  

Mold Found in Batesville Business

This is the what was found behind the baseboards of this office in Batesville, MS.  Our SERVPRO team worked dilligently to find all areas affected.  The facilities manager was pleased with the results and how thorough our team was.  

Clean Air Ducts in Oxford, MS Apartment

This shows the results of an HVAC cleaning in an Oxford, MS apartment.  SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale's professional air duct cleaning not only leaves your vents looking clean but reduces allergens and pet dander.  It can also eliminate odrs and improve your AC units operating conditions and efficiency!



Kitchen Fire in Oxford, MS

This is a kitchen after a tea kettle was left unattended in a home in Oxford.  There was smoke and soot damage throughout the home as well.  The owner was thankful for the fast response of our team and the ways we were going to be able to help him get the residence back to its original condition.  

All Work and Some Fun at Local Kennel

Our crew had the pleasure of helping prepare an Oxford kennel for renovations.  This job was so fun because of the employees as well as their dogs.   This is a four day old puppy  that was small enough to fit in one hand!! Such a fun day to help out a local business and help them keep their facilities above par.  

Office Christmas Party in Oxford

We're not all work and no play!!! This is the SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale team out at a Christmas dinner.  The owners know how much work goes into the success of SERVPRO so this was a great opportunity to reflect over the year as well as have some fun outside of the office!

Our Team Headed out on Storm

SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville & Clarksdale sent a couple of crews to help our neighbors in Louisiana in the fall of 2016! One of the benefits of using SERVPRO is equipment and manpower.   Our franchises are quick to help. During storm events we have a nationwide system of teams that can be on-site in just a couple of days!! Proud of these guys for willing to step up and go!